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BackYour Guides - Peter Cocker

Peter Cocker began his climbing career in the UK and brought his skills to Australia becoming one of the then 'leading edge' rock climbers. Australia in the 1970's began its forays into the Himalayas and as the then President of the ANU Mountaineering Club Peter led one of the first successful expeditions, the 1978 Dunagiri ascent by Tim McCartney Snape. The Dunagiri Expedition put Australia on the 'serious Himalayan mountaineering' map, the expedition a positive primer and link in the chain leading to Tim and Lincoln Hall to go on and ascend Everest. Peter returned to his 'normal' life working climbing on weekends and more recently, guiding and instructing rock climbing in the Snowy Mountains. Peter has a long history of nurturing and guiding young people in their rock climbing and mountain skills and enjoys taking individuals, groups, families and school groups walking and climbing in the Snowy mountains.
Peter plans to open some of the sweetest summer climbing routes for all levels of experience with spectacular abseils or simply walk down through the wildflowers.